The Canola Kings

What is the secret to growing huge canola crops?


Eye On The Sky

Ammonia has scientists and regulators looking up.

Niche Markets

Hemp’s Hurdles

This miracle crop is shedding the stigma of being related to marijuana.

Pest Control

Aphids Again

Sorghum growers face challenges from the sugar cane aphid.


Just Add Water

Plus a few tanks of tilapia.

Cover Story

On Blueberry Hill

Southern Hill Farms goes its own way

Weed Control

Flea Beetle Success

Managed correctly, these helpful bugs will feast on leafy spurge.

Web Exclusive

Riches Beneath

Cotton has a long and storied history in northern Alabama.

Web Exclusive

How It’s Made: Shochu

Following up on his article “A Taste Of Asia,” field editor Lorne McClinton tells how the popular spirit is made.

Web Exclusive

From Talk To Action

Urbanites save farm from eminent domain threat.

Web Exclusive

Ranching A Volcano: Haleakala Ranch

In the second of our three-part series, The Furrow looks at how three ranches survive in the “House of the Sun.”

Web Exclusive

Organic Matter Reality

Soil scientists on the impact of organic matter on soil health.

Web Exclusive

The Case For A Raindrop Audit

Farmer and editor Dean Houghton on the case for a “comprehensive water management plan.”

Web Exclusive

Garden Gold

“Saffron is more than just another pint-sized purple flower. It’s a link to the exotic East…”.

Web Exclusive

The Occasional Photo: April 7, 2016

Bee, cherry orchard, Flathead Lake, Montana