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Riches Beneath

Cotton has a long and storied history in northern Alabama.

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How It’s Made: Shochu

Following up on his article “A Taste Of Asia,” field editor Lorne McClinton tells how the popular spirit is made.

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From Talk To Action

Urbanites save farm from eminent domain threat.


Trust But Verify

Canadian beef sector works together to develop sustainability protocols

Value Added Business

Welcome To Noggins Corner

Adaptation is key to farm’s longevity.


Organic Growth

Clever leasing and organic production launched this new farmer.


Of Fish And Farmers

One man’s successful quest to align the needs of fish and farmers.


Deep Green

On-farm research looks at planting into cover crops that stay on the field a little longer.


The Magic Inside

The right endophytes can help your pasture without harming your cattle.


A Taste of Asia

Shochu’s popularity is creating new markets for barley in Japan.

Soil Health

Serious About Soil Sampling

There are new approaches to this old practice.


Logistical Symphony

A behind the scenes look at the marvelous logistical dance that fills our supermarkets.


Brushing Up On Biotech

Online learning tool explains the journey of a gene.


Seeding Sense

Finding a fit for variable planting can be a challenge.


A Perfect Pairing

Winery adds cheese to its fermentation lineup.

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Ranching A Volcano: Haleakala Ranch

In the second of our three-part series, The Furrow looks at how three ranches survive in the “House of the Sun.”

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Organic Matter Reality

Soil scientists on the impact of organic matter on soil health.