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Helping Harvest

Food bank program helps both the hungry and growers.

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Invader From The North

Narrowleaf hawksbeard, a potentially devastating new weed, is blowing into fields and rangeland from Canada.

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Canola’s Cred

Farmers and researchers work out production problems

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Planting Partners

Companion crops can cut costs.

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The Case For “Carbonomics”

Carbon is currency in your soil’s underground economy.


Burgers For Ben

Parents of child with food sensitivities fall in love with Quebec farm’s natural beef.

Niche Markets

Distilled Profits

Waste potatoes become a spirited second farm income.


Clean And Green

The Phytobac filter uses soil to clean sprayer rinse water.


Arresting Aphanomyces

Producers want options to control devastating root rot in pea and lentil.


Success In Chaos

Managing a year round calving season.


Wheat Yields Hit New Highs

Farmers combat low prices with higher yields.

Cover Crops

Seeking Soil Services

Local demonstration farm studies long-term benefits of cover crops.

Cover Story

Healthy Farmer

Physical activity pays long-term health dividends.

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Riches Beneath

Cotton has a long and storied history in northern Alabama.

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How It’s Made: Shochu

Following up on his article “A Taste Of Asia,” field editor Lorne McClinton tells how the popular spirit is made.

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From Talk To Action

Urbanites save farm from eminent domain threat.